Last update: 10.03.2019

A contribution to the historical memory of the sciences in Cuba.

This version of the «Cuban Digital Library of Geosciences» contains around 5905 bibliographical references about Cuban Earth Sciences, 3246 in digital format, including most of the contributions known to the authors. The thematics embrace diverse branches of the Earth sciences, with emphasis in geology, paleontology, geophysics, geography and mining, and related subjects which contribute to the geologic knowledge of the Cuban territory and its surroundings. The contributions include books, monographs, thesis, papers, —some abstracts— and more than 50 maps, published since the year 1500. Some very important unpublished documents have been indexed, since they are available in the following institutions: Oficina Nacional de Recursos Minerales (ONRM), Centro Nacional de Información Geológica (CNIG), the map library and collection of science of the Biblioteca Nacional José Martí, and the library of the Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin (Rosencrantz, 1989).

According to Bermúdez (1938), the first bibliography of Cuban geology was elaborated by the indefatigable Spaniard geoscientist Manuel Fernández de Castro in 1877. In the subsequent years were published Noticias bibliográficas sobre geología de Cuba by Pablo Ortega (1910), Biblioteca Científica Cubana by Trelles (1918), Bibliografía sobre el Carbón de Piedra, el Petróleo, el Asfalto, los Betunes y el Gas Natural de Cuba, by Pablo Ortega and Santiago de la Huerta in 1919, Bibliography of West Indian Geology (Rutten, 1938), Bibliografía Geológica Cubana by Bermúdez (1938), Bibliografía Minera de Cuba Colonial (Anonymous), Bosquejo sobre Geología de Cuba by Calvache (1965), Bibliografía Espeleológica de Cuba (Núñez-Jiménez y Graña González, 1970), and Compilación de Publicaciones sobre Paleontología (Bonzoño et al., 2008).

The existence of so many compilations, elaborated in different times, denotes the continuous interest of geoscientists to contribute to the scientific knowledge of Cuban Earth Sciences. Following this trend, the present «Cuban Digital Library of Geosciences» was inspired, applying modern technologies which allow us to recover and facilitate online access to a large amount of texts and maps in digital format (pdf and jpg), with emphasis in pre-digital documents. The first version of this library was published as part of the first and second edition of “Compendio de Geología de Cuba y del Caribe” (Iturralde-Vinent, 2010, 2012).

We would like to thank the library of the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de La Habana, Centro Nacional de Información Geológica del Instituto de Geología y Paleontología, Oficina Nacional de Recursos Minerales y Petróleo, Institute for Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin, as well as many individual collaborators and members of the Cuban Geologic Society which provided references, reprints and digital documents. Specially we want to underline the support of Empresa de Tecnologías de la Información y Servicios Telemáticos Avanzados “CITMATEL”, which placed this library online, free of charge, in the Red Cubana de las Ciencias.

The «Cuban Digital Library of Geosciences» is periodically updated, therefore, your observations, comments, new references, reprints or digital documents are very welcome. Please, send us your suggestions to This library is non profite for research purpose only, so to obtain the original papers published in international journals, you should refer to their respective editorial houses.

Citation: Ceballos Izquierdo, Y., e Iturralde-Vinent, M., Biblioteca Digital Cubana de Geociencias. Publicado desde 2011 como documento digital en la Red Cubana de las Ciencias,